Post Rehab

Have you ever found yourself constantly struggling with the same injury over and over again (same pulled hamstring, same rolled ankle)? You go through all the necessary rehab to get back onto the pitch only for the same injury to flare up again.
At Doolin Performance we aim to bridge the gap between physiotherapy and sports performance to break the “training-injury-rehab” cycle and develop strong, robust and resilient athletes to perform at their best
Injuries in sport are a fact of life. We can reduce the risk of these injuries through appropriate screening and training however, injuries are never completely avoidable.

What is avoidable is getting stuck in a chronic “injury-training-rehab” cycle.

 What Does Post Rehab Training Involve?

Post-Rehab training involves taking a fully comprehensive look at you as an athlete -from how you move to your baseline strength and power, your day to day sleep, recovery and nutrition and everything in between to identify the root of your chronic injury.
All post rehab training is done on a one-to-one basis with flexible times to suit your schedule.
You will be placed on a fully individualised training programme to get you back to competition level in a safe and effective way while significantly reducing your risk of re-injury.
When appropriate your training will integrate back into your own sports/team training on a gradual basis (this may be the case from the start depending on the severity of the injury you have just rehabilitated i.e we will not stop you continuing sports training if this is not necessary, we will simply supplement your current training)