Want to optimise your performance on the pitch and significantly reduce your injury risk??

At Doolin Performance we specialise in strength and conditioning for athletes. All training is individualised to each athlete based on a comprehensive assessment of your sport, playing position, personal goals, movement & mobility and strength, power and speed profiles.

Using velocity based training technology, we map your load:velocity profile and power outputs to target specific training zones for each phase of training while tracking your acute:chronic workload throughout the season to monitor training load & stress.

We look at what makes you a naturally good athlete and build on those strengths to maximise your playing potential.

At the highest levels of sport and performance natural skill and talent are hugely important for success BUT these can be greatly impacted by substandard physicality!

It doesn’t matter if you’re the most skilful player on the pitch if you’re not up to the pace and physicality of the game you’ll rarely be in the position to showcase these talents and impact the game optimally!